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e7Fun sells Virtual Prepaid Mastercard which are easy-to-use and make the perfect gift for all users. The Virtual Prepaid Mastercard from e7Fun can also be shared or given to your friends. Simply forward the code sent to your email, and they can redeem the credit on the Redeem page. If your friend is a shopaholic, they will love this thoughtful gift. You will receive a set of virtual credit card number once you redeem your prepaid card. Each time you make a purchase, the funds in your balance will be deducted until it is depleted. Try it now! *Friendly reminder* If the balance of the Virtual Prepaid Mastercard does not cover the full amount of the purchase, you could expect the system to decline the transaction since most websites cannot handle a split tender transaction. Please note that currency conversion fees will be applied if the merchant settles in a currency other than USD. The gift cards can only be used to make purchases on the Internet from any merchant that accepts Mastercard debit cards that issued in the US. Our products cannot be refunded after sold and delivered.

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FAQ USD Virtual Prepaid Mastercard

Your USD Virtual Prepaid Mastercard Redeem Token will be emailed straight to you after payment is confirmed, so you can use the credit immediately.

Please follow the steps here to redeem your USD Virtual Prepaid Mastercard. Make sure you follow the correct process to redeem successfully. *Warning! All the Virtual Prepaid Mastercard should be activated within 4 months upon receiving the redeem codes and have a 7-month expiration date from the time of activation. *

Please visit our FAQ page or email us at [email protected] with any questions or concerns and we will do our best to solve them.