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Now you can purchase $30 Netflix Gift Card in Taiwan. The easiest way to enjoy new released products in the United States. Get your digital code and receipt via Email Instantly after purchased. *Please make sure you can reach/watch to the US content on Netflix via VPN with available proxy and your device. Our products can not be refunded after sold and delivered.*

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FAQ Netflix

Your Netflix gift card will be emailed straight to you after payment is confirmed, so you can use the credit immediately.

Because the Netflix US Dollar Gift Card is a service provided by Netflix in the United States, you need to change your Netflix account’s country to the United States before entering the code of your Netflix gift card, then change your account’s country back once more. You MUST connect to the US on VPN software/App during the whole process.

Step1: Register or Sign in on Netflix


Step2: Click on “SEE THE PLANS”


Step3: Choose the plan you preferred and click on “CONTINUE”


Step4: Confirm the plan you selected and click on “OK THANKS”


Step5: Press “CONTINUE” to choose a payment method


Step6: Choose “Gift Code” to enter the code you got from e7Fun


Step7: Enter the “Gift Code” and a group of “Zip Code” in the US, then press on “REDEEM GIFT CODE”


Step8: If you have other payment methods to enter, you may set up it here. If you do not want to set up any, please click on “Skip this later"


Step9: Now you have activated your membership successfully. Press on “START MEMBERSHIP” and watch the content in the US

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Yes, you can watch content that is available in Taiwan if you are located in Taiwan. One thing to notice is that the content is shown on Netflix will depend on your IP location. For example, when your virtual IP connects to the USA via VPN software/APP, you will be able to watch the content in the US.

Please visit our FAQ page or email us at [email protected] with any questions or concerns and we will do our best to solve them.